In combination with our MatchingCubes the Shoebox RF Generators geeignet für ICP and CCP systems. They are applied in RF Sputtering, Thin Film Coating, PE-CVD, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Substrate Biasing.

The RF Generators of the Shoebox family are modern and robust. They work with an efficiency of typically 70% or more. A micro controller takes care that the generator operates safe and reliable under any circumstances. You control the RF Generator via its serial interface. A software is included in the shipment.

RF Power Accuracy:+- 3% / 3WCooling:Forced Air
Load Impedance:50 OhmsMains Power:90 – 240V / 50 Hz
Harmonic DistortionRF Output:N
Pulse Frequency:10 kHz max.Remote Control RS-232:Sub-D9
Pulse Length:50 – 9949 usec.MatchingCube:Sub-D9
Ambient Temperature:10 – 35°CAnalog Interface:Sub-D25

The above data are typical default values.
Please request a data sheet for any specific model.

Art.No.ProductFrequency [MHz]Power [W]

Other models are available upon request.