In combination with our MatchingCubes the RF Generators geeignet für ICP and CCP systems. They are applied in RF Sputtering, Thin Film Coating, PE-CVD, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Substrate Biasing.

The RF Generators of the RFG-4U family are modern and robust. They work with an efficiency of typically 70% or more. A micro controller takes care that the generator operates safe and reliable under any circumstances. Thanks to the touch panel at the front you can control the RF generator with overview and convenience. You can control the RF Generator also via its serial interface. A software is included in the shipment.

RF Power Accuracy:+- 3% / 3WCooling:Water
Load Impedance:50 OhmsMains Power:90 – 240V / 50 Hz
Harmonic DistortionRF Output:N
Pulse Frequency:20 kHz max.Remote Control RS-232:Sub-D9
Pulse Length:50 – 9949 usec.MatchingCube:Sub-D9
Ambient Temperature:10 – 35°CAnalog Interface:Sub-D25

Art.No.ProductFrequency [MHz]Power [W]

Other models are available upon request.