13.56MHz/up to 1200W

In combination with our MatchingCubes the PowerCube geeignet für ICP and CCP systems. They are applied in RF Sputtering, Thin Film Coating, PE-CVD, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Substrate Biasing.

Shortly, our new RF generators will be available: the PowerCube.
For this we combined the knowledge and experience gathered in many years. We are striving to meet three goals: The new product will be robust, flexible and economically priced . The product will come in two model lines:

PowerCube plain and PowerCube flex. In the PowerCube flex a fast ARM processor takes care of the flexibility: active front, digital interfaces, and fast pulse mode. The PowerCube plain is reduced to the essentials: analogue interface, common exciter, and slow pulse mode. Both generator lines will be available with different output power levels: 400 / 800 / 1200\,Watts. The first two power levels are cooled with air, the last with water. It will be possible to upgrade power levels if you should realize that you need more power than expected at the beginning. Moreover, it will be possible to upgrade from PowerCube plain to PowerCube flex .

Certainly, all PowerCube work seamlessly together with the MatchingCubes .

RF Power4-4004-400W
Reflected PowerW
Power Resolution0.20.2W
Power RegulationPFOR PFOR / PREAL / DC-BIAS
Load Impedance5050Ohms
Harmonic DistortiondBc
Non-Harmonic DistortiondBc
Pulse Frequency (internal)kHz
Pulse Frequency (external)kHz
Pulse Length>1000>25usec
MatchingCube ControlRS-232
External Pulse InputSMA (TTL)SMA (TTL)
Common ExciterSMA (TTL)SMA (TTL)
Phase Shifter CEX0-360° in 2.5° steps
Remote ControlAnalog (15p)Analog (15p)

RS-232 Ethernet Modbus

ProductFrequency [MHz]Power [W]

Product is currently in design.