Sometimes even flexible products with a whole bunch of options are insufficient to realize an optimum solution. In this case we are happy to think about a highly customized solution that we design according to the specifications and in close cooperation with our customer.

Since autumn 2014 two barthel RF generators are used at the International Space Station (ISS). They are part of a plasma system that has been designed by the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in order to research dusty plasma.The generator we designed according the specification and in close cooperation with the team of the Max-Planck-Institute. Special emphasis we put on reliability, efficiency, and on low weight of the generator. Post navigation.


For Magritek GmbH in Aachen we design a customized RF Pulse Power Amplifier. Since a number of year it has been successfully employed in the NMR-Mouse. The NMR Mouse is a portable open NMR sensor.

August 2014. West Virginia University, USA. In close cooperation with and for the Department of Physics we have equipped – as far as we know – worldwide the first plasma system for the electrical asymmetry effect with RF equipment. It works with three frequencies, its amplitudes and phase relationships are precisely adjustable and all three paths work power matched. First measurement results were successful and promising.